Are you excited to get to know about the next trek we are going to? Well, this is a big one so brace yourself as we go on a trek to Kumara Parvatha. These hills also have another name known as Pushpagiri hills. It is at a height of 1712 m above sea level. Kumara Parvatha is situated at the Western Ghats of Karnataka and is acknowledged to be one of the toughest treks in Karnataka. It is the second highest peak in Kodagu district as it is ranked after Tadainamol which is the first. This trek is 22 km round and would take almost 2 days if some people decide to camp the night long. While on the journey to the top of Kumara Parvatha you would witness unbelievable views, lush green trees, dense forests and a whole lot of fun.

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Now talking about the start of the journey to Kumara Parvatha, the start of the base is from a village named Subrahmanya village. This whole trek is divided into two sections, the first part is from the base that is Subrahmanya village to Bhattaramane and the second part of the trek starts from Bhattaramane to the peak of Kumara Parvatha. People have usually noticed that the first part of the journey which is from Subrahmanya to Bhattaramane is still quite moderate while the latter part of the journey to the peak is difficult because of the steep slopes and the rocky ways. 

The best time to start a trek at Kumara Parvatha is from October to February, usually the weather is great at that time, cold wind blowing, damp roads with a little bit of mist in the air and the best view one could ever see on reaching the peak of the hill. Kumara Parvatha is the 4th highest peak in Karnataka meaning that the trek will not be easy it is suggested that only people who are professional trekkers, beginners and people who have the stamina and energy to climb to the peak only think about to visit Kumara Parvatha. People who feel like camping the night at the hill they could camp at Bhattaramane or Kallumantapa. 

Unveiling the Beauty: Exploring Kumara Parvatha's Majestic Trails

People who are thinking how to get there, the easiest way is top take a flight or train to Bangalore and from Bangalore take a train to the nearest station that is Subrahmanya Road railway station and take an auto or taxi to the village as the railway station is 12 km away from the village. It will take approximately 7 to 10 hours to reach the station from Bangalore. If taking a bus then Karnataka state road Transport Operation has a bus which will take you straight to the Subrahmanya Village. Even cabs or taxis can be hired which will also reach you straight to the village. 

There is a famous temple in the village of Subrahmanya which is known as the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple and this holy place is very much respected by many people and the locals. So now we come to know that the Kumara Parvatha Trek is a full package of beautiful scenic view, greenery and rich with culture. 

Before one reaches Kumara Parvatha they would have to pass through another hill known as the Sheesha Parvatha. The stretch after Kallumantapa is known to be difficult as the roads become a bit narrow and steep. So, people are suggested to be very careful and have adequate amenities such as first aid, water or food which would help if something occurs. Wearing comfortable clothes in which you could move freely and not clothes which would cause any hindrance during the trek. Make sure you take a raincoat with yourself by chance of any rain, your sleeping bag, medicines if you have any problem and whatever required amenities you would need.


 This trek is worth the climb but only for people who are fit to climb and walk the way up or trekkers, families can go but only young adults and adults, older aged people are suggested not to climb. Please be care careful and enjoy the trek to the fullest. Once reaching to the top of the hill and witnessing mother nature, you would sense the calmness what you would not be able to get it in the city or even at your own house. This trek might be the one of the toughest treks in Karnataka but once you reach the top you would come to know that the journey was worth it.